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Temple Church

The church of St Catherine, in the hamlet of Temple is part of the parish of Blisland having been incorporated into it in 1934. It stands on the site of what was the earlier Templar chapel and formed part of the medieval Preceptory of Trebeigh.

The story goes that pilgrims travelling from Ireland wanted to avoid sailing around Land's End so would travel up the Padstow estuary, probably as far as Wadebridge, and then overland to the Fowey river. Padstow was an important port and Fowey probably the busiest harbour on the South coast, from which many travellers from the West Country would have embarked for Europe. Maybe this is why the Templars built their church and refuge on the moor to accommodate travellers who passed over this wild stretch of country on their way to the Holy Land. The church stands on the site of the earlier Templar chapel and as after 1312, the Templars were no more it was turned over to the Knights Hospitaler. The church became famous as a place where marriages could be performed without banns or license similar to Gretna Green, from the 16th century until recently. In 1753 such marriages became illegal and after this point, the Temple church lost its congregation and fell into serious disrepair. No services were held for nearly a century


The new church was opened and consecrated on 30th May 1883 by the Bishop of Truro

In the 1850s a fund was started for its restoration. The new plans followed as closely as possible those of the original Templar church. The ancient tower arch was kept and wherever possible, relics and other stones were used. The base of the old Norman font is preserved in the inner doorway, and various stones bearing the engraved crosses of the Templars and the Hospitalers can be discovered in the fabric of the building. The church contains several references to its links with the Knights Templar, including a cross pattée in the east window and a depiction of a mounted knight in the north window of the church tower. Many local people provided items for the newly restored church.

The font was refurbished with a donation from Mrs Edward-Collins of Blisland, and John Basset Collins gave the stained glass in the circular window in the east wall. The north windows were the gift of Rev W Willmott of Quethiock and the west window depicting St Catherine from Commander John Morshead RN of Lavethan in Blisland. The north tower window of a Templar on horseback was the gift of Messrs Garland and Son of Bodmin. The lectern was the gift of Rev Paul from Lanivet. And there were gifts from Rev Wrey of Coombe, Teignmouth, The rector of Blisland, and Colonel and Mrs Goldsworthy. The chairs now used for services were resurrected from the Diocese of Truro.

The church has recently undergone major restoration of the roof funded by various church charities nationally and in Cornwall at a cost of £100,000 Details

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