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Geography and History

Two books give substantial detail of the history of Blisland and its church. They are well worth reading:

Parochial and family history of the parish of Blisland
by John MacLean - 1868

Blisland Church and its Patron Saints
by Sidney J Madge DSC FSA - 1950

and much of the detail has been taken from these - both books can be found at second hand booksellers and on


Although there is no substantial evidence it is quite likely that the church is built on the site of an earlier Saxon church. There is clear evidence of its Norman roots, with two Norman doorways being visible. From the outside on the north wall one can see quite clearly a Norman doorway, called the Priest's door, which is now no longer in use

The Priest's door in the north wall

Inside the church, in the north wall of the north chapel (the Lady chapel) is a door which now provides access to the screen. This too is clearly of Norman origin


Internal Norman door in the Lady Chapel


Granite blocks in the north wall

But most of the architecture is of the Early English and Perpendicular styles dating from the late 12th to the early 16th century. It is mostly built of large granite blocks and the church measures 78 feet in length and 88 in width which makes it large for a Cornish village church

MacLean talks of the north walls being of rude workmanship but not unlike Saxon workmanship so perhaps there are elements of an early church within these walls

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