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Devon and Cornwall Police Alerts

16th July 2024 Rural Affairs Team at Cornwall Shows

16th July 2024 Theft of Lambs

15th July 2024 D&C Police & Crime Commissioners Annual Report

13th July 2024 Criminal Investigations Performance

11th July 2024 PCC Grants

11th July 2024 Shop Frauds Appeal

9th July 2024 Stolen Animal Sculptures

9th July 2024 Police & Crime Commissioner Statement on Anti social Behaviour

4th July 2024 Plant Machinery Security

3rd July 2024 Scam Advertising Horses for Sale

3rd July 2024 Dogs Worrying Livestock

3rd July 2024 Scam Advertising Household Items

28th June 2024 Suspicious Emails

28th June 2024 Operation Scorpion, Further Information and Video

26th June 2024 Operation Scorpion, Cash, Drugs & Weapons Seized in the South West

21st June 2024 Cyber Support for Small & Medium Business

19th June 2024 Scam Telephone Calls to Businesses

10th June 2024 Public Reports into Drug Fuelled Crime

10th June 2024 Scam Information

4th June 2024 Devon & Cornwall Police at the Royal Cornwall Show

4th June 2024 Drink Driving at the Royal Cornwall Show

4th June 2024 Police Night Operation in Bodmin

28th May 2024 Rave Information

22nd May 2024 New PCSO for Bodmin & Wadebridge

17th May 2024 Surrender Your Weapons

14th May 2024 Operation Vortex, Road Safety

14th May 2024 Investment Fraud

13th May 2024 PCC Priorities

10th May 2024 Knife Surrender

10th May 2024 What's App Group Fraud

9th May 2024 Suspicious Activity by Males on Card Payment Terminals

6th May 2024 Past Week's Updates

3rd May 2024 Devon & Cornwall Crime Commissioner ReElected

3rd May 2024 Rave Information & Reporting

30th April 2024 Launch of New Devon & Cornwall Police App

25th April 2024 Scam Warning

24th April 2024 Fake Scottish £50 Notes

23rd April 2024 New Police App Launch


23rd April 2024 Anti Social Behaviour

19th April 2024 Impersonation Scams & Courier Frauds

19th April 2024 Reporting Fraud

12th April 2024 Motor Cycle Safety Simulator

5th April 2024 Bodmin Neighbourhood Teams

29th March 2024 Police Enquiry Officer Recruitment

28th March 2024 Bodmin & Wadebridge Neighbourhood Police Newsletter

20th March 2024 Anti Social Behaviour


20th March 2024 Police & Crime Commissioner Final Report

19th March 2024 Email & Social Media Account Hacking

15th March 2024 Action Against Drug Gangs in the South West

15th March 2024 Devon & Cornwall Police Museum in Tavistock

14th March 2024 Impersonation Scams

14th March 2024 Drug Arrest

8th March 2024 Keyholder Scheme

7th March 2024 Rogue Traders

5th March 2024 Assistance for Victims in the Criminal Justice System

5th March 2024 South West Police & Local Communities Tackle Drugs

1st March 2024 Booking Holidays Safely

29th February 2024 Fraud


28th February 2024 Bodmin Updates

14th February 2024 Stalking, Fixation and Obsession

12th February 2024 Tackling Community Safety for the Future, 2024 and Beyond

9th February 2024 Sexual Abuse & Violence  Awareness Week

6th February 2024 Internet Safety

2nd February 2024 Police Community Support Officers

1st February 2024 Anti Social Behaviour Closing Property Down

30th January 2024 Targetted Patrols

26th January 2024 Neighbourhood Policing Week Bodmin Moor All Terrain Vehicle

24th January 2024 Police & Crime Commissioner Statement Neighbourhood Policing Week


23rd January 2024 Blisland Neighbourhood Policing Team at the Blisland Community Shop

23rd January 2024 Day One of Neighbouring Policing Week of Action

16th January 2024 Bodmin & Blisland PCSO, Access

11th January 2024 Cyber Security Presentation for Businesses

10th January 2024 Criminal Damage to Speed Cameras in Cornwall

4th January 2023 Farm Burglaries

24th December 2023 Drink Driving

22nd December 2023 Police Contact Agencies Details

22nd December 2023 Have a Safe & Merry Christmas

22nd December 2023 Devon & Cornwall Chief Constable Foundation Grants

18th December 2023 Anti Social Behaviour Community Survey

15th December 2023 Enhanced Patrols Over Christmas & New Year

6th December 2023 Fraud Involving What's App

4th December 2023 Misuse of Drugs Act Warrants

1st December 2023 Free Drinks for Lift Legends

1st December 2023  Crime at Christmas

29th November 2023 Fake £5 Notes

28th November 2023 QR Code Scams

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