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Blisland with Temple Parish - Safeguarding Statement

Ensuring that children and young people as well as adults are kept safe whilst in our care is an integral part of our church life. If you have any concerns about safeguarding please contact:


In the Parish Pat Almond 01208 850043

In the Diocese Sarah Acraman 01872 274351

Out of Hours (after 5pm and weekends) 01208 251300


In emergency

Local Authority Childrens Social Care 0300 123 1116

Local Authority Adults Social Care 0300 1234131

Our Rector, Rev Robin Thwaites  01208 852170

What's in a name?
Blisland church is dedicated to St Protus and St Hyacinthus, two Roman saints who were martyred during the reign of Emperor Gallianus (not Diocletian as some believe) on 11 September 260 AD

A date with time
In 1752 when the new style of calendar was introduced, and we effectively lost 11 days, the village decided, in true Cornish fashion, not to accept the new style but retain the old and so the patronal festival (St Pratts) is celebrated on the Sunday closest to 22 September (the anniversary of their death under the old calendar)

The festival is celebrated by a procession from the church to the Celtic cross noted as one enters the village from the A30 and accompanied by a local band. The old St Pratts Fair that took place on the green and on adjoining fields has now sadly died out

Blisland with Temple is in a United Benefice with the parishes of St Breward, Helland, St Mabyn, St Tudy and Michalestow

The Rev Robin Thwaites is the Rector of the Camelside Cluster, Robin lives in the Rectory at St Tudy and can be contacted on 01208 852170 or

Current Projects
The church is currently fundraising in a number of areas

Parish Giving
The lockdown of 2020 has meant that in the village and perhaps those from no services could be held and fund-raising activities were very restricted. As a result, income took a big hit and so we have joined the Parish Giving scheme (a Church of England initiative) and are encouraging those who can to sign up for a regular payment, no matter how small.

Money that is given stays with the church. We do have to pay for the services of David, our rector and Robin our curate, and a small amount for the Archdeacon, but all other money donated is used to keep the church open for services, and for visitors

Information on the Parish Giving scheme can be requested from Beth Cauldwell on 07879 817758.


The Graveyard Extension
Our graveyard has been in use for over 900 years and is almost full

The field below the current graveyard is the extension, but this needs some work on it before it can be consecrated and put into use. We will create a path from the church to the entrance, a safe slope down to the graveyard with handrails and a non-slip surface for all to use. The Cornish hedge has to be renovated and made safe, trees need to be cut back and the whole area must be cleared of plants, trees and stumps, rotovated and re-seeded

This is not a cheap exercise, so we have created an on-line giving page with Givealittle to allow people to help us raise the funds we need to do the job
Click here to make a donation for the graveyard


Memorials Renovation
There are a large number of memorials in the church - some of which are of great importance. The most important is one of the earliest known in Cornwall - that of John Balsam, a former rector, in the chancel, which dates from 1410. But the real concern is for the wall mounted memorials. Almost all are of slate, held up by cast-iron mounts and some are sadly deteriorating badly as a result of rust. We need to replace them with stainless steel mountings. One in the Jesus Chapel has suffered badly and some of the plaster has disappeared. The wonderful Kempe memorial in the Lady Chapel is also suffering and the slate layering is delaminating. This will take work from experts; we have had a survey and will have the results by Christmas. We know this is going to be an expensive job - so can you help us raise the money

Click here to make a donation for the Memorials Renovation

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